Showcasting an eclectic side of his musical prowess while streaming, Rob's musical project, Mitsukai Sound Systems, has released the second album, entitled Odds & Ends: The Streaming Sessions, Volume One.  A mix of lo-fi hip hop, jazz, electronica, rock, chiptune and several other styles, these tracks were created to entertain while during Rob's musical streaming sessions, sometimes even with audience input.


"Making music on the stream was just another way to entertain, so I ended up with a lot more tracks than I intended, some of which will end up on my second studio album, while others just felt a bit more off-kilter and experiemental and seved a better purpose on this collection," he says.  "I wanted to make sure that I captured the fun and interactivity of the streaming sessions and how they ended up inspiring me to go a little off the beaten path."

Odds & Ends: The Streaming Sessions, Volume One can be streamed via most musical services, or purchased at your favorite musical downloading location.