Megami Studios recently merged its various membership support programs into one on the Ko-fi platform!

We've always had Ko‑fi accounts, but with Ko-fi's competitors (who shall not be named) doing a lot of squirrelly stuff as of late, we decided to change around how we do things.  Ayne and I are merging our separate programs into one so that you get one program, many benefits.  We figure you can't lose that way.

Additionally, we'll be setting up our official store here. In the near future, you'll see the Atelier Megami hang up its virtual store shingle and you'll be able to get the best of stuff from us, whether it's Incstone Design fonts, Dreaming Kitty artwork, Mitsukai Sound Systems music, or many other things! Plus, we'll have exclusive things in the store that you won't be able to buy anywhere else! How's that for special?

So welcome, sit back, put up your feet and hang with us a bit while we create and do madcap things. You'll be glad you did.