We are Otaku

Founded in 2004, Megami Studios is a Virginia-based design and entertainment studio. Our goal is to provide the most entertaining and though provoking diversions and the most beneficial and cost-efficient platforms while delivering a rich content experience. With an experienced and veteran staff fully versed in media synergy, we look forward to enabling you with the best experiences we can offer.

...And Now that the Corporate Speak is Out of the Way....

Who are we?

We're just like you. Anime and manga fans who like a good read and enjoy a great story. We cheered when the hero flew his mecha into battle, cried when the girl missed her true love and found great wisdom in many of the themes behind the stories those masters of their craft told through pictures and words. We loved those masterpieces of stories and art so much, we're intent on giving you moments just like those in the best way possible - through our own creativity and art.

Our entertainment division, comprised of Megami's webcomics and novels, allows us to amaze, delight, intrigue and dazzle you just as much as those special moments you've had. From our appearances at conventions to our regular online updates, we aim to please our fans. We stream, we do music, we entertain and reach out to people to make those special connections.

But we're not just about having fun - we mean srs bsns as well. In our business divisions, we let our creativity flow and put it to work for you to make sure you get what you need to succeed in the corporate realm. From our fonts to our graphic design, from website creation to fine art commissions, and now into streaming, we provide a unique and memorable experience.

That's who we are, and that's what we're all about.



The ostensible CEO for Megami, Rob is...well, let's just call him an "oldtaku", since he remembers watching the great anime shows of the 70s on first run. Having called LA, Hawaii, Spain, Japan and various other places home at different parts of his life, he looks forward to integrating parts of the whole into something far greater. Comfortable with the technical, the natural and beyond, he hopes to be able to mesh them all into one greater whole. He usually needs a haircut and probably a shave, too.

Rob is the main writer, letterer, graphic designer and web developer for Megami.  Additionally, he also is the main developer for Incstone and Firepulse and the madcap lunatic behind Mitsukai Sound Systems.


The lead artist and the artistic director and character designer, Ayne is an expert in art history, having studied at the prestigious University of Glasgow. Opinionated and bold, she puts all into her works, looking forward to the day when manga is defined by the art, and not by geographic location. Aside from her duties at Megami, you can usually find her haunting all things anime and MMO related.

In addition, Ayne is the CEO behind the Dreaming Kitty subsidiary of Megami.


Our resident intern and Vtuber, bomb-thrower and general pain.  Claims to be an ancient nekomata from old Japan, but we don't have proof (and she claims to have burned her birth certificate).  A singer, dancer, joker, smoker, midnight toker (EDIT: we're not printing that - Rob), Katte is looking forward to spreading her particular brand of madness outwards.