Over the years, Megami has created a number of divisions and subsidiaries, as well as major projects.  These make up our current portfolio:


Megami Studios
The Japanese word for goddess (女神), Megami has been our parent brand since 2004.  Throughout the years, the name has stood the test of time and seen the changes in the industry, but we still love the name - it's stuck with us. 

Incstone Design
Our typographic and graphics design foundry, Incstone is another of our brands that has been around for a long time.  Formerly Megami Fonts, the new Incstone primarily focuses on fonts and graphics design.  Web and logo design services are still available upon special request.
FIREPULSE by Incstone Design
Incstone's gaming graphics division, these are specially tailored for the distinguished streamer!  Whether you're just starting out or an old pro, a Firepluse layout is just what you need for that extra oomph!
Tokyo Teleport
Tokyo Teleport is a name that even precedes Megami.  Currently Megami's publishing division, TT focuses on scifi and comics with a sense of style.
Megami Shop
The Megami Shop is our mercantile division.  From art prints to posters, t-shirts to merchandise, if you need it, the Megami Shop has it!  You can find the Shop at select conventions as well as our online store.

Please note that convention stores are currently on hold due to the ongoing pandemic.  Once this changes, we will be back!
Dreaming Kitty
Dreaming Kitty is Megami's specialty art division.  From book covers to custom drawn art, few jobs are out of the range of Dreaming Kitty!


Shinzakura Online
Rob's window to the online world.  Operating on Picarto and Youtube, you'll see the finest in gaming and games-related entertainment, as well as artwork and so much more! 

Mitsukai Sound Systems
And now something new from Megami!  A beautiful blend of rock, jazz, electronica, lo-fi and more, the Mitsukai Sound Systems are a delight to hear!  Streaming live on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and more; or albums available to purchase on Bandcamp, it's an unfortgettable aural experience.
Our current pop culture blog, pretty much discussing whatever comes to mind..and updating whenever we get around to it.  Unlike our previous versions, however, this is for the eclectic-minded, whose thoughts wander, hence the name.

A joint project with Mecha Software, BookFesta is our annual online author's seminar!  Held every January, we gather some of the best small press authors and artists to help you learn how to create the best methods to get your work out to the world!


Unnamed Project
You have been warned.  Watch this space - or not.  We're not your parents.

Claude & Monet
Aiming for a late 2023 relaunch, Claude & Monet is being redone from the ground up, adding a new style and panache and even a new logo!

For a list of our legacy brands and projects, please click here.